What is this

I have yet to figure out how to properly communicate how much I love books, how much the written word fills me with glee, how DELIGHTED I get when I obtain a new book. A book is potential knowledge. New ways of thinking, of understanding; may contain new tools for perception.

I could continue that paragraph for pages. What I am saying, succinctly, is I’m a real big nerd.

BUT, and this is the key thing, I really hate wasting my time on a bad book. There are so many good books (too many imo) and I have developed pretty good tools for finding good books to enjoy.

This newsletter is a way to share what I’ve found.

Twice a month I’ll send along 5-ish book recommendations on a given theme. These are books I’ve read and enjoyed, it’ll be mostly non-fiction but every post will include at least one fiction recommendation.

Notes on funding

This newsletter is free. All book links will be to Indiebound and won’t be affiliate links. I will highly encourage you to use your local library.

I might put a venmo link in emails for tips, but honestly this is for fun and I’ll keep doing my day job for needs.